Welcome to Women’s Health Event – We believe that women’s health and well-being are important as it can impact your overall quality of life.  It can affect our ability to care for our families and pursue our personal and professional goals. Investing in your health and well-being is key to achieving a fulfilling life and overall happiness.  Attendees can meet the experts (practitioners/business owners ) and do some shopping

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Wednesday 31st May 2023 between 5 pm & 9 pm


  • How do hormones affect your daily routine
  • Improve your gut health
  • Physical exercise – what’s the best way to keep fit?
  • Ice Bath versus InfraRed heat – what’s better for you?
  • Supplementing your hormonal health
  • Natural Skincare – how this is the better choice for your body
  • Benefits of non-chemically based candles

A goody bag will be included.  Attendees can meet the experts and do some shopping!

Elissa Corrigan

We’re all guilty of dismissing our hormones. But if we truly understood how they work, we’d know to take much better care of them.

Even the slightest hormone imbalance can cause several unwanted symptoms and side effects for women. It’s something I’d seen first-hand with female clients joining The Life Lab wellness retreat, which I founded in 2017.

Incredible women confessed to a whole range of issues that were destroying their lives and damaging their relationships. Many lacked confidence, purpose and vitality. Others felt they’d lost their youth and had become ‘invisible’. All knew they deserved better.

They were ready to make serious health and lifestyle changes. And they’d often ask me what would give them the edge to reclaim their hormones and feel a real difference in a sustainable way.

With this in mind, Elle Sera – French for ‘she will be’ – was born.

“Elle Sera is a powerful herbal supplement, crafted to the highest standards and with the highest quality ingredients. We handpicked each nutrient for its effectiveness, backed by diligent, evidence-based research. I’m certain that women who try this incredible golden pill won’t ever look back.”




Margaret Bell

It’s draining to spend your life in baggy clothes. In the struggle to becoming healthier (AKA “slimmer”), you’ve become obsessed with food that supposedly makes you fat when its low fat food that can make you ill.

We all have insecurities but weight is the hardest to shake.

Eating has become a moral issue with ‘good’ and ‘bad food’. Diets aren’t the answer, but right now you can’t trust your instincts to steer you in the right direction. You see yourself dealing with negative thoughts about somehow fixing your body, “trying harder” and counting calories.    

The great news is that by working with me,  your trust can be rebuilt so you can get on living life with food freedom and sheer joy in your body.

Juanita Steel

I felt compelled to show women how they can journey through menopause holistically, just like I have, reaching their health and fitness goals without compromise. Of course, some women will feel they need HRT and my approach can help these women too so that menopause is an experience that isn’t overwhelming.

We are so excited to welcome guest speakers Elissa Corrigan,  Margaret Bell, and Juanita Steel to talk at our Women’s Health Event.  Experts in their field of hormonal well-being.  Junita for her ongoing work to show women how they can journey through menopause holistically.  Margaret for her vast knowledge of living life with food and freedom.  Let’s not forget Elissa who has done some fabulous work creating a  powerful herbal supplement to help thousands of women to reclaim their hormones.

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At The Liverpool Yacht Club, L3 4BP

Wednesday 31st of May

5pm – 9pm