It’s a sad fact that in 2024, approximately 914,000 workers in the UK are off sick due to stress, depression, and anxiety. This figure does not include those not in the workforce or self-employed individuals.

  • 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.
  • 36% of adults reported experiencing suicidal feelings as a result of stress.

These mental health issues often lead to common complaints such as poor immunity, difficulty managing diet and addictions, overreacting negatively to situations, and poor sleep. This all contributes to long wait times for help, costly prescriptions for individuals and the NHS, and a significant impact on workplace productivity.


Our Vision

Wellness in the City was created to address these challenges and one crucial question: Why don’t more people access medical and holistic treatments to promote health, vitality, and well-being?

Wellness in the City aims to inspire and bring hope to many. We are developing a professional and innovative brand to help people become mindful of self-care and increase their knowledge about health and wellness.

Our Solution

We will begin with an exhibition to showcase the vast offerings in the wellness field within our region. This expo will help break down barriers by providing access to services and information under one roof. It will:

  • Highlight local practitioners
  • Provide knowledge of various techniques available
  • Allow visitors to meet practitioners
  • Allow attendees to try out services and products
  • Give credibility to non-traditional approaches
  • Offer hope to those in need

In the future, we will expand into an interactive digital resource where the general public and companies can access local professionals. This will help create a “toolkit” to overcome their problems.

Wellness in the city

  • Business Directory: A comprehensive listing of local practitioners and business owners offering wellness products and services.
  • Training Modules and Support: A space for practitioners to upload training modules and support materials accessible to clients.

Our platform will be user-friendly, providing an opportunity for those promoting wellness services and products to reach a wider audience.


Meet our founder Clare

  • Clare
    A business owner for over 16 years and a self-confessed wellness enthusiast, developed the idea after attending a weekend retreat and realising that not enough was being done to spread the word about the positive impact of Wellness options.


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