It’s a sad fact that in 2021 there were 822,000 in the workforce, nationally who were off sick with stress, depression, and anxiety. That figure does not take into account people not in the workforce or those self-employed.

  • 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.
  • 32% of adults said they had experienced suicidal feelings as a result of stress.

This translates into common complaints such as poor immunity, struggling with their diet, struggling to control their addictions and habits such as drinking alcohol, overreacting negatively to situations, and bad sleep.

This all adds up to long wait times to get help, costly prescriptions for individuals and the NHS, and a huge impact on productivity in the workplace.

Wellness in the City was born from this context and one question. Why don’t more people access medical and holistic treatments to help to create health, vitality and well-being?

Wellness in the City will be a solution that will give inspiration and hope to many people. We are creating a professional and innovative brand that will help people become mindful of self-care and increase their knowledge.

Our Solution

Firstly, it will be an exhibition to showcase the vast offering that exists in the field of wellness in our region. It will help us to break down some of the barriers by providing access to services and information all under one roof. This expo will:

  • Highlight local practitioners
  • Provide knowledge of different techniques available
  • Give visitors the opportunity to meet practitioners
  • Try out services and products
  • Give credibility to non-traditional approaches
  • Offer hope to people who need it

Moving forward, it will become an interactive digital resource, where the general public and companies can access local professionals who can help create a toolkit if you like, to overcome their problems.

The website will host a Business Directory of local practitioners and business owners who can provide products and services.

It will also host a space where training modules and support can be loaded up and then accessed by clients.

This platform will be designed with the user in mind and create an opportunity for those promoting wellness services and products to reach a bigger market.

Meet the Team

  • Clare
    A business owner for over 16 years and a self-confessed wellness enthusiast, developed the idea after attending a weekend retreat and realising that not enough was being done to spread the word about the positive impact of Wellness options.
  • Claire
    An award-winning high-performance coach, a spiritual business coach, and a meditation teacher. Claire wanted to support this event as her mission is to help 1 million people to a happier, healthier life.
  • Rachel
    After many years in the hospitality and event management industry, Rachel stepped in the world of entrepreneurship to become the Declutter Lady. She understands the benefits of how a healthy environment can help people have a healthy mind.


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