An initiative for change

Welcome to Wellness In The City Expo – a one day festival initiative that marks the beginnings of how through small steps, we as a collective can slowly change the wellbeing fortunes of Liverpool.

Liverpool through the recent decades has a history of being at the wrong end of the league tables when it comes to health and wellbeing and now the city’s leaders, doctors, holistic practitioners, stakeholders, companies and organisations are joining together to begin to change that.

We already have the support of leading firms across city business, doctors with a heavy emphasis on promoting lifestyle medicine, plus a wealth of experts in complementary medicine and wellbeing on board and ready to raise awareness of what opportunities are out there in terms of expert advice and health resources including products and services.

Our team have met so many gifted people working in health and wellbeing over the years in the city. Now feels like the right time to make that count, share our knowledge, networks and passion for helping people in what is, the single most important aspect of our daily lives…how we feel.

Panel Event

In the middle of the day, between the morning and afternoon masterclasses we are having a panel event followed by an opportunity to network. The event will be hosted by Tony McDonough, a consultant at Liverpool Business News. The topic for the panel is Wellbeing in the Workplace and answering questions and sharing insights we have Cesar Gamio, an expert on wellness in the workplace and the positive impact it has, Kim Rutherford from 8WISE, who supports business leaders and employers who want to focus on the employee’s wellbeing, and Alison Lobb, Managing partner of Morecrofts Solicitors.

The panel will give our visitors an opportunity to her from people who recognise the value of wellness in the workplace and will have tips and strategies for you to take away, whether you are a CEO, director, employee or freelancer.

After the panel there will be a networking session to allow to you to make connections and share experiences with like-minded people at the event. There will be refreshments and a light buffet.

Date and Place

The event will take place on April 2025 date TBC.  From 10:00 am to 4:30 pm at The Hilton Hotel.  The hotel is very central in Liverpool One.

Lime Street and Central Station are less than 15 minutes walk away. Parking is very accessible when using the John Lewis or Q-Park Liverpool One sites. And there is a local bus station next to the hotel.

The hotel has great facilities with a 24-hour fitness centre, spacious bedrooms, and a bar with a seasonal terrace. If you are interested in staying over, please contact our team for some exclusive discounts.

Wellness In The City will offer help with all the kinds of things that can be a challenge for all of us each day: sleep, nutrition, work, relaxation, and exercise. We have timetabled a day-long event that will cover physical, mental, social, environmental, financial, occupational, and spiritual well-being.

Doctors and experienced practitioners in a broad range of wellness disciplines will be sharing the many different options for exploring and managing our own health status and potential future outcomes.

Businesses and organisations can share their genuine commitment to team wellbeing by profiling this amongst a very broad audience not only on the day but also through widespread media attention before, during and after the event.


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