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In 2022, less than half of UK business have a health and wellbeing strategy integrated into the day-to-day operations of the company. This is despite the knowledge that such a strategy is needed and is beneficial to both the employees and the company alike. Having a wellbeing strategy or policy, rather than a series of ‘perks’, can have multiple benefits for your team, as well as contributing to business growth and achieving vision and mission targets.

There are many reasons why so many companies may have not introduced a strategy and could include time, assumed costs, difficulty of implementation, or simply that business leaders may not know the extent of the wellness options out there that could be introduced to benefit their team and the business. This is where Wellness in the City’s expo event comes in to educate leaders with an array of health and wellness masterclasses, expert speakers, and exhibitors, to show that a strategy need not be time-consuming, expensive, or complicated.

Tangible Benefits

A wellness strategy should seek to change behaviours through education and motivation. By developing a symbiotic health and wellness relationship between leaders and employees, there are benefits to be gained for both.

A healthy employee is a happy employee who is more productive. Employees who are looked after by business leaders enjoy work more, feel less stressed, and need less time off for illness and other related health issues.

Wellness in the City’s objective is to improve wellness in employees in Liverpool and help the city’s business leaders see the opportunities available to implement effective wellness strategies that are mutually beneficial.

  • Reduce sick days and absenteeism due to stress leading to ill-health.
  • Improve recruitment, staff retention, and happiness at work.
  • Staff feel appreciated and listened to which results in better productivity.
  • Happier staff are more creative, innovative, and engaged.
  • Improve staff morale, cooperation, and engender a team culture.

To see how your business can benefit, come to the expo and take advantage of the expertise of masterclasses, speakers, and exhibitors, to make a lasting change for the better for your staff and your company.


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