• Body Exhibitors – It could be you!

    We are looking for experts to help people with a range of issues from gut health to breathwork, Pilates and yoga to personal trainers.

  • Financial Experts – It could be you!

    Financial wellbeing contributes hugely to overall wellbeing. We are looking for Financial experts to exhibit to help & support our visitors.

  • Mindful Exhibitors – It could be you!

    We're looking for exhibitors who can help & support people with motivation, mindfulness & creating meaning in a fast-paced, overwhelming world.

  • Business Support – It could be you!

    Wellness in the workplace is vital for all employers and employees. If you are supporting SMEs then we'd love to talk about exhibiting.

  • Spiritual Practitioners – It could be you!

    We'd love Reiki practitioners, sound therapy experts, chakra healing, crystal therapists to exhibit at the event.

  • Environmental Experts – It could be you!

    Do you want people to live in homes free of harmful toxins?

  • Mac Sleep clinics